Sunday, September 28, 2008

Where's Niko's Log?

As you'll notice in the last post, Niko's log currently isn't in his cage, but it is on my coffee table for him to chill. He's been very odd with his mealworms lately - the other night he ate one but then just nudged at a second one while it made at least 3 laps around the log.

Niko: *nom nom nom*

Niko: "hmm, I wonder if there are more.."

Niko: "oh, hai food!"

Niko: "what you say, look other there?"

Niko: "wait, where'd the food go?"

Niko: "food?"

Silly Siili

Being fall, I put Niko's fleece bed back into his cage so he can stay warm. Of course, he has yet to sleep in it; let's see where he actually naps. Is he under his duckie blanket?

No... and his bed is empty too. But wait, what's that bump in the cage liner?

There you are Niko!

My cutie Niko who sneaks to eat a snack from his food bowl while still under the blankie and cage liner (if only I could snap a photo of that!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It was bound to happen...

Just cuddling with Niko after his bath...

careful with the spikes there buddy.

Side note: I think if this were to be on CuteOverload, it'd be called spikes 'n' racks (categorized under the cats 'n' racks section of course).