Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hedgehog Easter Egg Dress Up

Easter is coming up, and I couldn't resist making my own version of an Easter Egg Dress Up in hedgehog form. There is this adorable animal Egg Dress Up Kit available from HP's Creative Studio, in addition to a bunch of other Easter themed crafts. There's an lion, elephant, bunny, and chick available in the kit, but no hedgehog. Until now...

I created my own hedgehog template available on for anyone to print and play with. Of course I had to test out my own template, but I had no hard-boiled eggs (or the time to boil them). So what is approximately shaped like an egg... a rock! Basically I made myself a pet rock hedgehog, who then of course I had to introduce to my real life hedgehog Niko. Enjoy the photos and let me know in the comments if you make your own!

Milo the cat was watching intently during the whole photo shoot, quiet and curious about what Niko the hedgehog was up to.