Sunday, December 27, 2009

Niko and Milo

Niko and Milo are now on YouTube! Here's their first uploaded video together:

Just a little something from when Niko was starting to explore the apartment more with less fear of Milo (since Milo is realizing that Niko is too sharp to really play with). Looks like my previous post's video never made it through processing on Blogger, so I might upload that one to YouTube as well. Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Niko, meet Milo

Niko's been happily living in peace at my little studio apartment for the last year. Now? I've moved into a slightly larger 1 bedroom with wood floors (no more carpet chewing!) and brought home a new member to the family: Milo the cat. This 9 month old cat I adopted from the wonderful Cat Adoption Team shelter.

Everyone's been asking me how the two have been getting along together so far, and my answer is this: cautiously optimistic. Milo still doesn't quite know what to make to Niko's quills, but isn't afraid of him nor trying to eat him (phew!). Niko meanwhile is quite aware there's a curious cat and is doing his best to pretend he's just a spiky rock. But I think over time with supervised together time Niko will get less shy and explore the apartment even while Milo's around. A little video below of their interactions so far.

Milo: tap.. tap.. tap ouch! ..... tap "what is this thing?!?"