Friday, December 19, 2008

Bring Your Hedgie to Work Day!

Today was "Bring Your Hedgie to Work Day" (unofficial), and Niko got to meet a lot of new faces and chill out in my cube. Here is his little mini-setup under the Niko-Note canvas print out from the fan mail photo.

He also checked out the mess of toys, sketches, and other random stuff that lives in my cube.

Niko even got to do the (inevitable) hedgehog on my printer on top of my B-size printer photo ;)

He met lots of engineers today, checked out the paper airplane contest, and sniffed around the potluck food tables. Here he is in his Cutie Fortress:

And now he's off to "predator land" for winter break, I will miss my baby Niko, see you in 2009!