Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Niko, meet Milo

Niko's been happily living in peace at my little studio apartment for the last year. Now? I've moved into a slightly larger 1 bedroom with wood floors (no more carpet chewing!) and brought home a new member to the family: Milo the cat. This 9 month old cat I adopted from the wonderful Cat Adoption Team shelter.

Everyone's been asking me how the two have been getting along together so far, and my answer is this: cautiously optimistic. Milo still doesn't quite know what to make to Niko's quills, but isn't afraid of him nor trying to eat him (phew!). Niko meanwhile is quite aware there's a curious cat and is doing his best to pretend he's just a spiky rock. But I think over time with supervised together time Niko will get less shy and explore the apartment even while Milo's around. A little video below of their interactions so far.

Milo: tap.. tap.. tap ouch! ..... tap "what is this thing?!?"


Dirgesinger said...

So lovely photo! I have been waiting for the next post so eagerly:):) Happy holiays to You and Niko - such a wonderful hedgie:)

Dirge and her Kretek hedgie:)

Dirgesinger said...

Oh sorry - and happy Christmas to Milo too:)

Kenneth said...

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