Sunday, January 25, 2009

1 year with my Niko baby

So it's been a year since I got my Niko baby. He's grown so much since then, and met so many people and other pets!

Niko is still my hedgie baby no matter how big he gets, because he'll always fit in the palm of my hand like a ball of quills!

Holding my thumb, and one last 'blooper' photo that's just too adorable because of his little foot sticking out.


Dirgesinger said...

Aaaaa I can't tell how I love these photos! I have a hedgie too, and all my hedgie-loving began with a childhood toy too:)

Cute little hedie, I am looking forward to more:)

Anne Kauffman said...

OMG, Niko is so cute I could just plotz!

I've always thought Hedgehogs were too cool, but never met one.

Keep spoiling him rotten.


Anne Kauffman