Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hedgie Play Pen

I started making plans about 2 weeks ago for a play pen for Niko. The main goal being creating ramps with sandpaper so he can trim his own nails... also the reason why I got a clay pot for his cage (in hopes that he'd scratch at it).

Today after work I did my shopping trip to get supplies, the main component being cube organizers to use as enclosing walls.

I also found a cute welcome mat that I think would serve as a good alternate terrain for Niko to explore... and hopefully trim his nails on...

Then I went to Michaels... they had fake grass on sale (still expensive, but half off) which again, maybe Niko would like to explore. The flowers maybe are more for my pleasure than his though...

Okay, and this is where I'm really spoiling him, but I couldn't resist the wooden letters!

And then, the ramps, right, I was making ramps. Well I got plywood pieces!

And a hand-saw... and bowls to prop up the plywood...

Also another toy, I bought a mini glue gun, very handy.

And we have ramps! That Niko so far avoided on his first exploration of the play pen... but I'm sure he'll learn to use them.

Niko checks out his new digs:

This is Niko's new TV. I got a Chumby from work to play with (learn about, interact with, etc). I basically set all the widgets to animal ones, including a feed of the photos from this blog!

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Debbie said...

I have seen everything..hedgehogs have TV's!! Now that is one spoiled and lucky pet! His playground looks like lots of fun to frolic in..hope he enjoys the flowers, too :)