Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hedgie Fort

As to rival the puppy and kitty forts on Cute Overload, I give you the hedgie fort:

"no stinkeh puppehs or kittehs allowed!"
Niko says, "this is my fort, and if you kitties or puppies try to enter, I'll come after you with my spork!!!"

So to explain the box and the spork, I had just gotten back from getting some camping cooking supplies at REI. I had left the box for my new squishy bowls on my desk while I went to put them in my kitchen, didn't really think about it, and came back to Niko nosing his way inside. I love that the label on the box says:

"Squish me!"

I think Niko and his quills are quite the opposite of squishable :)

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