Friday, February 1, 2008

Floating Hedgehog

Now I know there was a reason why I got the glass top coffee table... floating hedgehog!

Also, much to my pleasure, Niko seems to have adjusted to my camera shutter noise, possibly because I kept on snapping away from underneath the coffee table where he couldn't actually hide by ducking his head down. That means I got a ton of photos of Niko checking out my coffee table digs, and I can't decide which is cutest... so you decide! Vote in the comments :)
a. Niko starts checking out the candles

b. Niko looks at the camera

c. Niko sniffs to the left

d. Niko starts (understatement) getting annoyed at the paparazzi

e. Niko looking like the cute baby hedgie he is

f. Niko gets his close up shot

g. And Niko is done with the candle tour

Also, as of today I have had Niko for 1 month. I'd like to say that our progress in getting to know each other has been good, even with my insane amount of work travel in January. I was petting Niko today while holding him in my lap, and he was totally chill, not being defensive (although he does if you surprise him). Hopefully his quilling phase will be over soon and he'll be even less grumpy and perhaps will explore more exotic locations in my apartment!


Debbie said...

I think the floating hedgehog is the cutest but since that wasn't one of the options, I vote D. He will have to get used to the paparazzi since we love reading and seeing pictures of him ;) You better get that Dan up there so Niko doesn't become a total momma's boy...congrats on your one month together Ü

Sachiko said...

i vote b ^___^ such a cutie!

Amanda said...

I vote for b!!