Saturday, May 24, 2008

Minun herkkä Niko

So I was trying to explain the Finnish word 'herkkä' yesterday, because it's one of those words that I use in Finnish but can't think of a good English equivalent. Wiktionary to the rescue!

herkkä (stem herk-*) (comparative herkempi, superlative herkin)

  1. delicate, vulnerable
  2. physically sensitive, tender
  3. sensitive, easily offended
Anyways, I feel that Niko is herkkä because of the way he gets startled by anything and everything (and curls up into his little ball). Of course, he'll sometimes become stubborn and want to get out of his little ball ;)

Bonus! Niko trying to eat my tv remote buttons:

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Sachiko said...

O M G. the cute!!! hes so big!