Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mini Niko Movie

My new point-and-shoot digi camera has movie-taking ability, so here's our star Niko doing what he does best for your enjoyment! (bear with me as this will be kinda like parents forcing you to watch videos of their precious children just sitting around and not doing much... but Niko's my baby)


Sachiko said...

NIKO!!! i don't mind looking at niko. i think hes cuter than some kids.....=P

Debbie said...

not only is he cuter than most kids but pretty talented too ;) we love seeing him in action! The movies are great..he really bites on and pulls that carpet pretty hard!

Sauli said...

moreover, not only cute and talented but also pretty well behaving. I have seen several much noisier kids.

By the way, when Niko starts learning words you could teach him to say "vesisiili sihisi hississä".
Hmm.. should it be hiisi instead of siili?