Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Goodbye Bedding

Two things happened tonight. 1: I changed the bedding in Niko's cage and changed it with a cage liner. This is because the bedding was getting messy as it got all up in his quills so it shed everywhere when I took him out. 2: I finally bought some cricket treats for Niko to try (this will be a separate post).

So this is before, with Niko curled up in the bedding:And me picking him up with the messy bedding. Can you find his moist little nose in there?

I put Niko aside in his bedding covered fleece blanket while I went to work cleaning his cage out.
I replaced the bedding with a cage liner I found at Petco. The store did not have the small animal ones, so I actually bought the bird ones. I think the only difference is the size, and actually the bird sized ones fit pretty well in the cage without having to do any cutting. Here's an after photo of Niko's new and improved cage. I even cleaned off the bedding from the fleece blanket.

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